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Kendo is the martial art of Japanese fencing, developed from traditional techniques of Japanese swordsmanship known as kenjutsu. Since 1975 the goal of Kendo has been stated by the All Japan Kendo Federation as "to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the katana (the Japanese standard two handed sword)". However, Kendo combines martial arts values with sport elements, with some practitioners stressing the former and others the latter. Taught using "swords" made of split bamboo (shinai) and extensive protective armour (Bogu), practitioners are called kendoka or "kenshi". Kendoka merely means one who practices kendo. Kenshi means swordsman. Both terms are used, though many clubs have a preference for one term. Kendoka also use bokuto (wooden katana) to practice set forms known as kata.

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Kyumeikan Kendo Dojo:

Tokyo Kyumeikan Dojo was founded in 1957 by Kubo Kahei-sensei, the father of Kubo Akira-sensei, the present director. It adheres to traditional practices and is the International Headquarters of the Tokyo Metropolitan Kendo Dojo Federation. There are several dojos around the world originally organized by Kubo-sensei and his students, some of which bear the same name, and alumni of Kyumeikan number some 3000 people in 50 countries. We receive visitors all year round from old friends as well as newcomers. Some stay a few days, some a few months, some stay years. The beginner is given plenty of attention, and although those who don't know Japanese are at a certain disadvantage when it comes to verbal explanations, nearly all the foreigners speak good English and are able to be of help.



Location: Adress: 2-1- Akatsukashin-Machi Itabashi-Ku Tokyo 175 Japan

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